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Sound Therapy

QGM Infratronic

QGM 4.3
 The QGM series of infrasonic sound therapy instruments  were designed to simulate the type of healing energy measured from the hands of Chinese QiGong master healers. The Infratonic QGM  employs randomized low-frequency acoustic signals in the range of 7.83 to 13.5 Hz. (Alpha brainwave) that are transmitted to the body by means of a hand-held infrasonic sound transducer.  QiGong energies are shown to enhance  lymphatic circulation, reduction in edema and deep relaxation of muscles and the nervous system.

Ultrasound Frequency Generator

Gary Wade Ultrasound Generator - 65k

This experimental instrument is designed and produced by Physicist and Subtle Energy researcher, Gary Wade.  Mr. Wade is an internationally recognized authority on Vibrational Energy Technology and has lectured and written extensively on the subject.  He has appeared on numerous radio programs and at various alternative health expos over the years.  Gary also served as the science advisor to the National Health Federation for many years.  This instrument advances the work of early 20th Century vibrational energy researchers in very important ways: (1)  It is designed to produce broad-band low intensity ultrasound waves in the range from 20,000 cycles per second to several tens of millions of cycles per second. (2)  During the timed 45 minute cycle, the unit is producing a large number of ultrasound frequencies simultaneously, with no need to "dial in" individual frequencies. As the timed cycle progresses, the simultaneously produced ultrasound frequencies generally drift upward  to higher and higher frequency values.  By the end of the 45 minute cycle, the unit has cycled through ultrasound frequencies that effectively cover from 20,000 cycles per second to tens of millions cycles per second.




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