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Introduction to Radionics


Keywords:  Radionics, radionic,

Summary: all radionic processes are based on random event generators


The most surprising discovery we made was the fact that all radionics processes are based on so-called random events, the production of which can however take very different forms.

Why random events are meaningful, contrary to our associations with the word ‘random’ as well as the perception of traditional science, is explained in more detail on the pages  about the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research Project, the science behind the CoRe System, and other new sciences like Global scaling.

Radionic phenomena were first studied in detail by Dr. Abrams at the beginning of the 20th century (see the History of Radionics), in the same era as the discovery of radio transmission and many related electric phenomena. Therefore Dr. Abrams naturally assumed that those effects he was seeing when working with his patients were also electromagnetic in nature, and he therefore called them radionic, radionic testing, or the science of radionics.

Over the century, many practitioners have stuck to this early misconception and consequently talk of radionic rays, radionic frequencies, radionic fields and waves, thus simply taking over the terminology and concepts of electromagnetic waves. This always set them apart from mainstream science because physicists understandably could never follow this simplistic reasoning on the grounds that radionic frequencies, if they in fact existed, should be measurable with electromagnetic measuring devices – which they are not.

This confusion between radionic and electromagnetic phenomena persists to this day, in that many companies offering devices that are basically radionic either claim to have nothing to do with radionics or to follow the early notions about radionics, which stated that one had to be electrically connected or use electrical elements like variable resistors, capacitors, or coils to produce, process, or amplify radionic effects.

When computers became available, it was observed that apparently random effects in the program had significance in radionic testing. Some companies like Quantec made the radical step of asserting that no electromagnetic connection was necessary for radionic phenomena. This led to another split between the believers in copper wire-resistor radionics and the supporters of computerized radionics.

In the absence of any real understanding of what was actually happening when working with radionic effects, the variety of radionic equipment on the market became more and more diverse and very obscure explanations were given for why certain types of radionic procedures or radionic hardware would work better than others. As a result, radionics was not only cut off from traditional science but also very divided within its own ranks.

One long-standing dispute in computerized radionics was always whether software-generated random events were more suitable than random events produced with physical effects such as, for example, an electric noise-producing diode. The science of the “science of the complex” and in particular the discovery of the importance of the DLE  (Dynamic Labile Equilibrium) in all aspects of radionics is now pulling those diverse opinions together and allowing a unified understanding and a systematic research and comparison of traditional radionic practices.

If one knows that it is the degree of unpredictability of a process that makes it suitable for radionic work, one can immediately see that software-generated random events are suitable if they incorporate an implicitly unpredictable element besides the mathematical algorithm.  For more details on that, please read the page on Hybrid systems.

In summary, radionics is not electromagnetic in nature. Secondly, for radionics testing it is not of primary importance how random events are generated; more important is the way the random results are analyzed. In this respect the CoRe Inergetix System has made a big advance by being the first device that allows very reproducible results. This technological advance has been made possible by clearly discriminating energetic and informational phenomena and defining new principles for the latter that can be experimentally verified.

Random events in radionic systems can currently be produced in five ways:

  1. software-generated, as in the e-lybra, QXCI, SCIO, L.I.F.E.;
  2. generated in a dedicated electric noise diode, as for example in the m-tec Quantec or the CoRe Inergetix System;
  3. generated through some complex physiological process, as for example in the sticky sensation of  radionic systems that work with a sticky plate, such as the Copen Mars III, Power-radionics, SE-5, or harmonic translation system;
  4. generated by a physiological process that modulates an electric parameter, as for example in electro-dermal screening where the reading of conductivity is changed by unpredictable nuances in the way the probe is applied to the skin, as in the Computron, Dermatron, Vega system, Kindling, Avatar;
  5. generated by some other noise process of electrical or other nature, for example in headphones, antennae, fiber optics as applied in the Oberon, Eta-scan, Karnak, and Aurascan.




Introduction to the EPFX/QXCI, SCIO


Key phrases: EPFX/QXCI, SCIO, Oracle, Divination, I Ching, Tarot

Summary: What is the essence of an oracle? QXCI is an Oracle. Reasons for the reproducibility of the CoRe system


One of the most successful systems on the market in the field of energetic and informational medicine is the QXCI, which is an acronym for Quantum Xrroid Consciousness Interface (Xrroid is a word invented by the creator of the QXCI, Bill Nelson). What made QXCI and its successor the SCIO so successful was high-tech new-age verbiage, joined with a clever multi-level marketing scheme.

The QXCI, just like every other device in the field of computerized radionics, is based on a random event generator that first associates random numbers with a database of testable items and then presents a list of these items ordered according to these numbers. The highest numbers are considered to be of greatest relevance to the person who is tested.

The QXCI made the bold step of taking into the realm of computerized medical diagnostics a process that was previously only applied in oracles and divination systems like the Tarot or I Ching. Just as the Tarot and I Ching have proven over the centuries to be valuable tools to access complex information, so has the QXCI been a valuable addition to many practitioners.

What is common to all divination systems, be it the Tarot, I Ching, crystal ball gazing or any of their variations, is the fact that a high degree of unpredictability (‘fuzziness’) has to be generated and used as source. These are what are called non-linear systems where the number of parameters involved is so large that results are unpredictable.  The falling of the sticks or coins in the I Ching is simply as unpredictable as the shape of clouds, the pattern in the coffee oracle, or the movement of animals. So all of these could and have been used as oracles and means of divination.

Why apparently random events or patterns will always contain meaningful information is described more in detail on the page CoRe-Theory/Coincidence. Coincidences are discovered by finding similarities and there are as many possible coincidences as there are qualities of things. There is coincidence of shape, color, timing, name and so on. In everyday life we are at best recognizing only very exceptional coincidences; however even to those we usually do not ascribe any meaning. This is because they do not come with a label telling us what they mean, and also we usually do not take the time to see which question we might have right at the moment when they happen.

With oracles it is different, every card in the Tarot for example comes with a description of its possible significance, just as every combination of coins or sticks falling in the I Ching has an assigned meaning. Now, one of the main misconceptions with regard to oracles and all forms of divination is the belief that the meaning ascribed to the different possible occurrences of pattern is in any way objective or divinely predetermined, unique and unchangeable. That this is not the case can already be guessed from the fact that there exist thousands of divination systems, which all use different means and ascribe different meanings but have all been used for centuries and have been found valuable.

In fact, what is known by those people who use, for example, the Pendulum is that you can create any list of answers and that it is only the coincidence of the question and a certain movement of the pendulum that makes the connection between question and answer.

One major problem with any oracle or divination system, and here also the QXCI and SCIO make no exception, is that if you let the dice roll twice, have the I Ching sticks fall again, or make another scan with the QXCI, the results will be totally different. Traditionally people would be warned not to consult the oracle again because this would make it angry, and QXCI warns people not to do a second test within 48 hours because this would create too much turmoil in the energy field of the patient.

The solution we found at CoRe Inergetix is that in fact one has to roll the dice, so to speak, not only a few times but thousands of times and to do statistical analysis to find the predominant tendencies, and then in fact the results will be very stable, reproducible and independent of whichever process one would use to create this apparently random process. This is very much comparable with the process of election forecasts wherein one could take any average group of citizens, ask them for whom they will vote, and find that the distribution of parties voted for will be very much like that of the nation as a whole as well as stable and reproducible and, within very small limits, independent of the group of people that were asked.

Of course for this to work one has to take an average group of people, which means one should have no bias whatsoever in the selection process. This is also the reason that manual oracles or divination systems like the Pendulum or electro dermal screening systems seem to be more reproducible than computerized oracles like the QXCI, SCIO, Quantec, and all the others because computers are very unbiased, whereas every therapist has his or her pet theories about diseases and remedies so that he will always more or less test the things he is familiar with.

This means manual testing is not as “random” (which we want to understand as unbiased)  as it should be and only very good therapists can come to a degree of detachment and neutrality that allows them to act as almost true “random” event generators and their results are often very unexpected and correct. Hardly anyone would assume that they are doing the work of oracles in the very truest sense. To maintain this degree of neutrality for any amount of time is a very strenuous process and this also contributes to the fact that computerized systems are more and more replacing manual ones.

From the aforementioned, it has become clear that the key to reproducible results in predictive systems is to do a large enough number of samplings and then apply the appropriate statistical analysis. This is where all old style oracle and divination systems including the QXCI were limited because they were under the spell of the priests who forbid asking a second time because they themselves did not understand the deeper principles involved.

The CoRe Inergetix System cuts through all of these limiting traditions and superstitions that are attached to all oracles and divination systems, and uses millions of samplings for each analysis to achieve stable results.

However this is only part of the secret of the CoRe Inergetix System, as it is well known that just rolling real dice millions of times will not uncover any significant trends. The reason for that, and also for the fact that it is not possible to predict, for example, lottery numbers in this way, is twofold. Firstly, the analysis routines have been one-dimensional, and secondly numbers alone are in principle not predictable because they are one-dimensional, which means pure quantities that do not have any reality (representation) on the informational plane (for more details see the page CoRe-Theory/Informational).

A quality is always a multidimensional entity and the simplest quality is a ratio (interestingly “ratio” means intelligence in Latin). Goethe, who recognized this difference between quantity and quality, said, “Numbers are nothing, the relationship (or the ratio) is everything.” A ratio is a relationship between two numbers and this is also the most basic building block of the informational plane. Based on this understanding, one can see it is not enough just to add up numbers and then to take the average. One has to use qualities instead of quantities, and a ratio is the most basic quality.  This explains also why radionics uses so-called “rates” and not numbers, ratios that are relative to a given base. Other divination systems use higher dimensional qualities like the pattern used in the I Ching or pictures as they are incorporated in the Tarot.

For the CoRe Inergetix System there is no need to deny its roots in the old tradition of oracles and divination and instead invent some pseudo-physics explanations, because it goes beyond them and incorporates a new understanding of the power of synchronicity and harvests reproducible and meaningful results with the incorporation of intelligent statistical analysis.



Advanced Bio-Photon Analyzer

Click to see larger image

  • Totally Self-Tuning

  • No dials to turn or buttons to push

  • No Stick Plate, Pendulum work or Dowsing needed.
  • No classes needed to understand how to use the instrument
  • No operator interaction needed. Set a couple of switches and theABPAdoes the rest.
  • No analyzing needed to safely run theABPA
  • TheABPAautomatically scans the subject every 40 seconds. This enables the instrument to keep up with the changes that occur in the subject's Auric Fields during the balancing process

BioMirror PlusII

New Generation Psychotronics.
Powerful, noticeable Remote Broadcasting utilizing biological samples for remote holographic treatments at a distance.

E-Lybra 8

e-Lybra 8

Our engineers have researched and developed a new system of digital encoding, whereby the "signature" or waveform/waveshape of homeopathic remedies has been digitally encoded and stored on a revolutionary new software programme. By selecting one or a complex of remedies, which can be from the regular homoeopathic materia medica, or a remedy from the Herbal section or Viral section etc, e-Lybra 8 decodes the stored digital signals back into a special field in the e-Lybra 8 device. A bottle filled with non-medicated pills or tablets moistened with distilled water or ethanol is place in the e-Lybra 8 device, were it is medicated with the transferred signal or remedy. This process can be compared to how music is stored on a CD. Music in the form of digital signals is stored on the CD and then converted back into analogue signals through the CD player.

Harmonic Translation System

The H T System Omega is a computerized instrument for the analysis and composition of subtle energies. Used mostly as a tool in alternative healing therapies, this instrument can also be used to promote new psycho spiritual states of mind and emotional equilibrium. The H T System is also used to analyze and repair damage to plants and agricultural fields.


Holopathy (greek holos = whole, pathos = sentiment) is based on proven principles of holistic medicine, in particular

  • Acupuncture
  • Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and
  • Homeopathy.



Holopathy combines these proven principles and modern computer technology into a completely new synthesis. The result: Highly effective, cause oriented energetic therapies, which in many cases can still help where other existing healing modalities have failed. The therapy is individually tailored towards the patient and free of any side effects.


Kybertron Beta

Umfangreiche Analyse mit 50 Drehschaltern.
Messungen von Organen, Körperteilen, Meridianen und Chakras.
Erkennen und Behandeln von physiologischen und emotionalen Ursachen.
Umfangreiches Ratenmaterial über alle Zustände, Krankheiten (ICD 10), Organe, Energieformen, Lebensprobleme, Psyche, Zeitfaktoren, Persönichkeitsaspekte, Strahlungen, Gifte, Emotionen, Belastungen, Chakras, Meridiane und Meridianpunkte u.v.m.
Homöopathische Mittel selbst herstellen.
Bis zu fünf Behandlungen gleichzeitig.
Ausbildung in Radionik (ca. 40 Einheiten zu je 2,5 Std.)
Grösse: 46 cm x 33 cm x 15 cm


It is the concept of energetic or vibrational dis-order that the Universal Energetic Balancing Program (UEB) addresses.


The Power Radionics Devices and Programs
Note:  All radionics devices from HSCTI have a built-in Welz Chi Generator (orgone generator)! The ATGS 3000 and RAD 5 are donut-shaped Welz Chi Generators. Their output pipes point to the center. Their frequency settings are radionics settings.
The RAD 2000 - 3-Dial Basic Orgone Radionic Device - $799.00
Built-in middle of the line orgone generator (same as in the LPOG 2400 DL)
The RAD 2400 HD - Super Heavy Duty Power Radionic Device de Luxe - top of line orgon radionic device - $1,699.00 Built-in heavy duty orgone generator (same as in the LPOG 2200 HDS)



Radionics uses the abilities of consciousness in connection with
physical devices to make communication between
biological systems possible. It is the oldest
method with any instruments.

Raphaël Dajafée

The Active Radionic of R. Dajafée
Progress has been made in the area of the action at a distance through the waves of shapes, thanks to the programs of the active radionic. The main characteristics of this new application are the extreme simplicity and the efficacy of its utilization.


The SE-5 is an experimental research electronic instrument designed to accurately detect and help balance Intrisic Data Fields (IDFs) .
The SE-5 is a consciousness interactive instrument that has been used experimentally to detect and balance the IDFs of plants, animals,
minerals, and virtually all animate and inanimate objects. Some people have experimented with the IDFs of psychological states, Chakra
balancing and other non tangible areas. IDFs are sometimes referred to as subtle informational fields and are the fundamental blueprints
of the third (and other) dimensions.


Radionikgerät "TARA"

Das Radionikgerät "TARA" ist für
Versuchs- und Forschungszwecke einzusetzen,
zur Analyse und Balancierung energetischer


The Vibroclast, model VN-4, is the refined version of an instrument designed to have the capabilities of both the old Radioclast and Pathoclast machines, and the Rife frequency-generating powers of the later Rife equipment. Modern components were extensively tested to see if they possessed the properties of the older equipment of the 1940s.


Treatment Database available

Medicine men and shamans - the ancient scientists - used their acute senses, also known as intelligent energy, to map energy flow and heal the body for over 5000 years.

Warning! None, of the above or anything on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, on the contrary Radionics is not considered a viable form of treatment in the USA. The CoRe-System is only intended for Export or for personal experimental use in the US. There are no claims made, if the words "cure", "treat", "diagnose" are used anywhere on this site or in the software it shall always be understood that his is meant in the context of "personal experimental use" only. For more details click here