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Color Therapy


Perlux P117 Light Pen: This hand-held tool comes with a set of 7 high quality, hand-made glass rods. Different colors of all natural dies have been infused into the liquid glass of each rod -- red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, violet. These natural dies provide a truer color than any plastic or acrylic based color. Each rod contains precisely the right nanometer of color to be in the middle of that color's frequency range. The rods are also designed with a patented "pyramid focus" tip, suitable for application to an acu-point. When light is applied to the skin through the pyramid focus, research has shown that, although the light may appear to diffuse slightly on the surface of the skin, it actually collects under the skin into a single focused beam that moves very rapidly inside the body.


Dinshah Health Society

A. Let There Be Light, Darius Dinshah. 15 concise chapters cover most theoretical and practical aspects of Spectro-Chrome therapy. Includes: Color production, Light sources, filter supplier, 78 Color attributes, 331 Color schedules for 400 diagnosed and obvious health conditions, 600 indexed medical and common names, S-C definitions, Color/element/sound equivalents, use on animals, three years' hospital use documentation, etc. Written in easy-to-understand language and terms for layperson or practitioner. Items B/C/D/H/T listed below are included in the text, and many important details from item J. 6th edition (2001), hardbound, 144 pages. $12.00


  • over 100 colors provided, allows precise matching of bioresonance.
  • includes manual detailing an extension of Dr. Paul Nogier's pulse reading system that facilitates accurate selection of point location and color to maximize bioresonance effects.
  • 1/8 inch diameter tip allows much more precision than 1/4" tools, and facilitates ear point work as well


Features of the XM light source:

portable, 16 x 20 x 9 inches

computerized remote control of color &  functions; LED nanometer readout

flexible light guide output to eyes or body; 8 mm dia; tripod stand

optional  interface & program to IBM comp. parallel port

full spectrum quartz halogen lamp source.  LCD glasses, adjustable flash rate

Light Years 2

Color Window
24 x24 inch wide Color Window, professional exposure light. Shown with violet gel, not included.
model CW2024
Color Therapy
  • High Output 12,600 lumens, equals 7.2 standard 100w lamps.
  • Daylight Lamps Included.
  • No Flicker Electronic Circuitry.
  • Specification Grade Fixture
  • All Metal Construction
  • Large cooling vents
  • Modes of Operation
  • Instant Color Therapy
  • Continuous Color Therapy
  • Reflected Color Therapy
  • Transparency, x-ray viewing
  • Daylight source for all day use
  • SAD / Winter Depression

Lumia Therapy

Product: Cromogei (tm)
Usage: Salon
· Spa · Chiropractor · Lumia Therapist
Model # CR-150

Features: This appliance, using an optical device and special filters, allows the use of different wavelength of the colours in the visible light spectrum, to treat a vast range of beauty and clinical problems. 

Benefits:   It is very effective in the treatment of slack tissue, stretch marks, wrinkles and skin problems. On cellulite the results are immediate and can be seen and verified as from the first treatment.

Product: BodyLight II (tm)
Usage: Salon
· Spa · Chiropractor · Lumia Therapist
Model # BL2-700

Features: This is the NEW and IMPROVED model.  This BodyLight II (tm) shines 7 individual rays of precise color at your body's 7 endocrine centers to bring about a very effective and calming neurological Chakra Tune-up.

Benefits: The BodyLight II (tm) can be effective during a massage therapy or by itself during an intensive color therapy session.  Clear your mind, calm your heart, contact your soul.




Theracolor zur Farbtherapie

Die komplette Farbpalette

Description of the manufacturer:

Mit dem Theracolor führen Sie über Spezialfilter eine erweiterte klassische Farbtherapie und Farbpunktur aus.

Der Theracolor verfügt über 12 therapeutisch wirksame und bewährte Farben, die mittels integrierter Spezialfilter höchste Reinheit und Leuchtkraft garantieren.


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