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"You are a fantastic team of people with an outstanding product" Silvia M., User. USA

Sacramento California Nov 28-Dec 2, 2005-Testimonials

Jacqueline Sohn L.Ac., Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist. USA

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The CoRe Inergetix system has been a very valuable addition to my acupuncture practice, because I’ve made several custom remedy trays with all the meridians and the acupuncture points so that when I first see a patient I can diagnose – in addition to the regular pulse and tongue diagnosis I can quickly do an analysis and find all the other additional points which ordinarily I wouldn’t think of or I wouldn’t even get to otherwise.
And the other benefit is that I am also able to treat points which are ordinarily not needled because they are contraindicated or because of their very sensitive location in the body and also I can needle many more points than ordinarily will be possible with physical needles. Also I incorporate homeopathic and flower remedies and it’s really wonderful to be able to do analysis using all the trays and see what the best combination is; again it just saves me so much time I can get results that normally will take me weeks perhaps months, and I can get it in first session.
I find I have many people who come to me in my practice who are very sensitive and actually they are quite relieved to know that I can balance their meridians without the use of any needles at all, this is a great, great adjunct. The balancing is actually in a certain way much deeper than can be done with needles, it’s just different, I still have to use the system some more to actually qualify that but it seems to be a more profound balancing especially since I can combine the balancing of the meridians with the homeopathic and flower remedies all at the same time; and also with the analysis I can determine which is the hierarchy which is more important.


Fred Rijksen, Homeopath. Belgium

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I’ve been looking for one year and a half to find a system which was suitable in our practice and finally I came upon the CoRe System.  Of course I read all the information Kiran Schmidt has put on the site and this was very extensive information but it was also very honest, and I came out to an understanding of the quantum field which is very important if you are going to work with a system like this, and also the information of Mr. Schmidt was very honest and very clear in what [this system] was capable to do and what it was capable to do not. 

The advantage of the system is that it is reproducible in a high sense which is in medical practice very important.  Another thing is that you can have a filter working in the sense that you can put in symptoms of the patient so that you can narrow the search for solutions.  I always explain to people that it is the perfect system to make in a very short time the perfect differential diagnosis, and from the differential diagnosis you can narrow your search or your therapy to the patient, instead you can make your own remedy trays so working with certain marks or certain firms or certain [of your] own remedies you can put them in a tray and you can work with them.  The other advantage is that you can exchange them with colleagues working in the same field with the same equipment and I find it very reliable and very simple to do. 
Another thing is that you have four treatment aims, reliable in the situation of the patient if you have a patient with no systems, with no energy at all you can treat such a patient on a constitutional level to strengthen them up, or if you have someone with a history of trauma or with a lot of viruses you can treat them on the inversion mode so in the daily practice it is very convenient to have the tools to work with. 

The latest update is concerning a combination of the quantum [or] the informational field with the energetic field so you can treat patients while scanning on the informational field for information suitable to the patient you can treat them immediately on the energetic field and it is unique in this field so patients can also see what the improvement is at a certain moment and they can actually feel the information that is coming in the system and it’s also the first system I think that is combining bioresonance with the actual feeling of what is happening within that certain moment.

Another important thing is that in comparing with other systems, the innovation is enormous, they are constantly working on improvements and I think the system in this moment is still small in the sense that there are enormous possibilities to be expected.


Adriana Bacelis, Biologist. Mexico

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My original practice was the study of holographic repatterning, and that is about finding out patterns that are blocking the patient to face life the way he wants to face it. So for me finding the CoRe System was perfect because it’s astonishing, and it’s wonderful the way you can learn more about your patient on the first session and then I don’t get that long time on getting to issues that need to be resolved first, what the patient thinks that needs to be resolved in the present time. Yes, definitely, what CoRe gives my practice is that I can get to those parts quicker than with my regular practice and I can have a good comparison because that’s what I did before, just to try to find the issues, to pull them out, just to get everything moving; it’s as if you have a building and with CoRe you get to the basement so the patients by themselves can clean their own rooms, and what I did before it’s just like by cleaning rooms [I] get to the bottom, and what I found with CoRe is that you get to the basement first and then afterwards the patient just cleans their own rooms, sometimes. But I feel comfortable, my patients feel comfortable, I mean I’m treating patients with the CoRe who I treated with holographic repatterning before, and we just move faster.  I mean on a scale from 0 to 10 it’s hard to tell but I feel very, very comfortable, and my patients do too.  I have a patient with trigeminal neuralgia and she had suffered a lot of pain and the only thing she wanted is to get rid of the pain; but with the CoRe we found out the emotional stress she had that leads her to that kind of pain; she didn’t realize that she was holding something from her emotional system.

Monica Nicou, Bioresonance Therapist and Classical Homeopath. Sweden.

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My name is Monica Nicou and I am from Sweden.  I am a classical homeopath.  I have been in contact with similar systems as CoRe, and I wanted to find one for myself, so I tried some of the existing systems in Sweden but there was something about it – I could not grasp it, it was not fully explained how it worked and I wanted to be online with what the actual philosophy and the thoughts about it were.  So, I went to the internet and I found the CoRe homepage, and after that I was so fascinated, I went to London and I listened to Kiran Schmidt and I got everything I wanted as to his philosophical background and so on, which made me really sure that this was my system.  So I tried it on myself and the only thing I can say is that I had an amazing experience with my own body – so that was the first day, I woke at 4:00 in the morning and I tried it on myself and it was just amazing.  So I got like a sign from God that this is working.

Dear Huib
I want to thank YOU for a week that I feel will be a turning point in my life, when I realized that so many of those things that was considered the "truth" now has to be reevaluated.
I feel like a witch, intuitively understanding that people around me need some time to be able to understand the possibilities. I have had no difficulties using the system but I will collect some questions to put later. Warm regards to the whole "Core-family"


Sharon Rasa, Chiropractor. USA

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My name is Sharon Rasa, I live in Clinton, NJ, and professionally I am an undergrad in biology with a focus on nutrition.  I practice as an chiropractor.  I have a holistic center and we do acupuncture, chiropractic nutrition, massage, detoxification.
I came to California because I heard about Kiran Schmidt’s work with CoRe and also what Marla Wilson was offering with the certification and bioresonance and biofeedback.  Having been on my holistic health quest for over 25 years, I really think that this is the cutting edge technology and that any practitioner that truly practices from a holistic philosophy would want to incorporate the CoRe as one of their tools. What is so fascinating about this technology is that it really can develop according to your skills, your temperament, your personality, and your focus – so while there is one machine I have the sense that there are many, many, many different applications, so it seems to be almost unlimited and the potential of the CoRe and where I’ll go with it right now seems pretty unlimited.
It has been a fascinating four days.  I really feel that the CoRe team is such a group of committed people, that it’s more than about just a business; they really have a sense about this technology and the capabilities and the potential, and that’s the kind of company that I want to hitch my wagon to.  So I urge you to get to the next seminar soon!


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