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Developing Information Medicine

Energy is  not only the "potential to do work" as we are told in college but in a more general way is the Potential for change. In that sense Information is a Form of energy and as we all have experienced it is one of the most potent ones as in fact it is more primordial than any other form. This understanding is starting to penetrate also energetic Medicine and Germany as many times in the past has now taken bold leaps in this direction. A visible sign is the fact that this years convention of the Association of medical doctors for natural Medicine of Germany has the title and focus on "Energy and Information in Medicine" (for more details see if you speak some German)

Here is a very short selection from the more than 200 lectures given:

Bioelectric techniques for differential diagnostics   / Thyson

Diagnostic and therapy in regulation medicine / Prof. Dr.Heine

Orgon medicine - therapy with life energy / Dlouhy

Energetic understanding of information transfer in living systems / Dr.Warnke

Chaos research and new medicine / Dr. Hanzl

Water structure / Dr. Ludwig

Energy and Information transfer in Homeopathy / Dr. Richter

Biophysical Information Therapy / Dr. Koehler

Ayurveda - the bioenergetic regulation system of the marma points / Dr. Schrott

Thermography / Walker

Electro neural diagnostic and therapy / Dr.Heintze

That we have a new field of Medicine and Research developing is visible in several areas and more so in Germany, which has always been a breeding ground for new ideas in this field and had been the birthplace of energetic modalities and technologies  like EAV/EDS, BICOM/Mora/Bioresonance , Dermatron/Vega, Skasys/Biotensor on very official levels exemplified for instance in the fact that already 1995 the Bioresonance Medical Society was renamed in BioInformation Therapy Society (BIT).

So Germany has not only been the origin for Quantum theory with Nobel Prize winners like Heisenberg / Einstein / Pauli / Plank Schroedinger / Hahn but was also the home of Hanemann, creator of Homeopathy, Mesmer, father of magnetic therapy, Reich, inventor of Orgon energy, Voll, discoverer of Electro dermal screening, Morell / Bioresonance, Popp/Biophoton discovery.

In the last ten years the importance of energy in the conventional realm has been expanded by research in the use of Information as a somewhat independent field in healing. Applications are for example found in the "New Homeopathy according to Koerbler which uses Symbols for healing" as well as in the work of Hellinger in what he calls "Family constellations" still almost unknown in the US it draws thousands of practitioners to conventions. Family constellations comparable to Radionics uses actual people to form symbolic constellations that have profound healing effects.

Informational medicine is based on very different concepts than Physical energies medicine, however one can often see that this difference has not even been partially understood when concepts which are borrowed from physical energetics are used without discrimination on those new phenomena.

In historical perspective we find us therefore at a crossroad of development which is comparable to the time when electromagnetic radiation was discovered and men like Maxwell, Tesla and Heaviside struggled to find theoretical concepts for that new realm derived from what they new about electrostatic, electric currents and magnetism.

When Maxwell developed his famous equations he pictured electromagnetic phenomena as vortexes in fluids and even as gears in a machine..... these were the concepts available to him at his time and they served him well initially but had to be given up eventually when more experimental facts about the nature of electromagnetic phenomena became available.

In just the same way we use terminology today borrowed from the era of advent of physical and particularly electromagnetic energies to understand phenomena which as I and a growing number of other researchers observe have actually nothing to do with energies in the known sense and that we therefore have to look at the concepts we are using to see if they are actually misleading.

Just as Maxwell described the new phenomena with the conceptual crutches of fluid dynamics most people today try to visualize and thus explain these effects with concepts like "Radiation", "Vibration", "Frequency" or "Field", all borrowed from the toolbox of Electro-Magnetism.

There are many in this field that hope that eventually some kind of yet unknown form of Radiation will be found that however maybe even more subtle or  faster than electromagnetic Radiation has still many common features. My personal experiences with the CoRe-System show many  indications that we will find that these new phenomena are actually so different from anything electromagnetic as electromagnetism is from fluid mechanics and that we need to apply equally different concepts to get a closer understanding.

What complicates things is the fact that in many cases we do not have purely Information effects as in Radionics, but that it is usually intertwined with energetic effects like for example in all those modalities that use only minute amounts of physical energies and even seem to work better the more the practitioner is able to take physical energy away from the process like in "Cranio Sacral", "Body talk", Prayer, Affirmation, Acupuncture, "Touch for Health" or even as many who use the Scenar observe that it often works best at lowest  intensity settings  a.s.o.

Many old  traditions have always known that effects originate on different levels and names like physical, etheric, astral were used. We are now rediscovering these differences particularly in the field of alternative medicine and we will also find that each of these levels needs different conceptual and practical ways to approach it.

I said before that ideas  like "Radiation", "Vibration", "Frequency" or "Field" are borrowed from the investigation of the electromagnetic spectrum but do not describe many of the newly observed  phenomena which contain direct effects of information in healing appropriately. These concepts are inappropriate because besides other things, they assume and make sense only for effects that are dependent on distance and time. However distant healing, radionics, experiments of the PEAR Laboratory, countless Paranormal Effects have time and again proven to be Distance-invariant and even Time-invariant like the Remote Viewing experiments of PEAR (Princeton engineering anomalies research).

Vibration for example is based on the concepts of wavelength and frequency and both of these only carry meaning within an orderly coordinate system of time and space. Without space the idea of wavelength is pointless, without time there is no frequency in the way we understand it. Equally Radiation is a concept that requires distance to make any sense, if there is no distance a concept like Radiation is not required to transport energy or information.

Please continue with the discussion of  Concepts in Informational Medicine

greetings Kiran








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