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The following is a posts on the EnergeticMedicine Group at by  Kiran Schmidt on the influence of Timing in bioenergetic testing Methods and Radionics.

Hello G., A. and Group
what we are discussing  leads us as the book already says to "The margins of reality" ....its hard to follow, and unavoidable that things get abstract (philosophical) here. No major change in any technical system has gone without first shifting the philosophical outlook. You have overlooked that I have actually invented the term "noise random" to discriminate it from "pseudo random" because in fact I wanted to avoid that people think that the opposite of "pseudo random" is "real random"  and as we apparently all agree "real" carries no meaning in this context.
We have to use greater abstraction in this field because we are dealing with the "informational plane", its the level on which the relational blueprint of existence is at work. If you use intuitive pictures like your analogy of the water or the party you are unavoidably misleading your thinking..... on the informational level concepts like quantity do not have any meaning ..... on the physical level a drop of water has quite a significantly different effect than a gallon of water..... but on the informational plane only  qualities are related to each other.
It surprises me that you use such kind of examples particularly in energetic Medicine we are surrounded by all kinds of phenomena where quantity exactly does not count.... Homeopathy is the most striking example and its the age old enemy of those people who cannot abstract "quantity" from their thinking.  Homeopathy  and Radionics are very pure manifestation of the informational level, most other modalities, the physical level is much more intertwined with the informational.
If you wanted to use any analogies at all it would be more appropriate to use a book for an example..... here in fact it does not matter if you have three equal books or only one, .... with informational treatment modalities we want to make changes on that informational level which is associated to a body and here in fact we have to learn to think differently. Equally "real" or "not real", as you wanted to hint with the party example have here no meaning, just as it makes no sense to call one blueprint real and another unreal....
It is a hard nut to crack intellectually, to stop equating real=physical which you indicate when you call the system you favor: real/physical random event generation
but if you have any spiritual practice, which I believe you do, then you will know that the "physical" has actually the smallest degree of  influence as it is highly (in-)formed and guided by the informational plane (as the Bible states "In the beginning was the Word = information, and the word was by God and God was the word).... this means information is the ultimate source.
As I wrote in the very first post on this issue, one of my first exposures in computerized radionics was through the system of the Munich company which is located not 10 miles from my parents home, they use an identical replica of the Princeton set-up. So it is not as you say that now "I may be disappointed" to find there is something more real around, in fact I  had studied this system and found it not more convincing as any other and if I had found any significant difference I would certainly have invested the approx. 50$ it cost to integrate a noise source.
Also those who do not know the technicalities of radionic systems  might have gotten the idea that there is a signal of some kind running in the circuits which is then somehow changed by the mind of the patient and consequently the deviation registered by the electronics..... nothing of that sort is the case. I am saying this because A. wanted to demonstrate how any such influence is very unlikely to occur, which is quite correct, but none of the systems is based or pretends to be based on such an effect. All start some kind of random process at a given time and the sequence which comes up is in some form or another linked to the moment when it was called upon.
As I said the eye-opener for me was when I read the book "A new kind of Science". There is no way for me to convey the connected complex of ideas which Wolfram barely managed to fit into 1200 pages, you have to read it to get your mind to move a few inches from its accustomed place. One of the many important points that he is rigorously demonstrating for almost all fields of science is that the equation random=unreal=meaningless=unpredictable=difficult-to-create is not at all useful. If there is any ordering parameter for Randomness it is its degree of complexity. And he is showing that extreme complexities can be generated through an evolutionary mathematical process that can even with simple rules simulate most complex technical phenomena (including electrical noise).
I choose this avenue of pure mathematics, not because it is more simple but it is virtually only limited by computational power and can create complexity superior to any individual phenomena we know from nature. However even if you cannot follow this argument because you do not have the mathematical background, one can easily find examples to at least sense that unpredictability is an illusion of our limited senses. Take the weather,..... it depends on millions of factors..... however by using appropriate models and computational power, we get weather forecasts that show that weather despite its incredible complexity is quite predictable.... how much more so is a little noise source that depends on dramatically fewer variables.
so much for now
be well
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