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The following is a posts on the EnergeticMedicine Group at by  Kiran Schmidt on Reproducibility in bioenergetic testing Methods.

Hello Group

thank you J. for your kind words, you might have also realized that every one of the previous posts was pointing out some important implications for energetic Medicine and not just Medicine. Also you might see that if you look at most posts they are about protocols in alternative health in general whereas my intension is  to work out the points that set energetic Medicine apart from all else and I guess this was your intension  why you started this group.

CoRe is not so much about a new device, method or recipe but it is a new general Model, kind of a master key to create understanding..... this is why it is not so easily communicated.... it can only be made understandable by a great many examples. In comparison if you had never heard of the "Theory of Relativity" and I would tell you that the essence (or meat as they call it in Texas) of this Model is that "Time and Space are observer dependent" this would not tell you much, in the same way the essence of CoRe that "Coincidences are observer dependent" will only have some substance for you after I have shown many examples, implications and ways to test it.

The applicability of the CoRe model is not limited to energetic medicine, but I will limit myself to discuss it only in this context..... In the two previous posts I have shown how based on the CoRe-Model one can have new insight in the role of randomness, uncertainty, healing crisis and intent for the purpose of energetic medicine.

Please remember also that a model can never prove or disprove the validity of some statement, only direct observation and experiment can do that, but a new model can direct us to new fields of inquiry and can help us to discover new connections.

In this post I want to show  how CoRe can direct us to a new understanding about Reproducibility of measuring results in energetic medicine.

As I have described in more  Detail previously the CoRe-Model divides the  world into two realms,.... that of causative phenomena and that of coincidental or synchronistic phenomena. These two realms are truly complementary and are rarely found in a pure form without the other. Synchronistic phenomena can  particularly be observed when a system is at a tipping-point. (or when there is a void of causative forces, for some reason).

Many people have tried point probes, Kinesology, tensor, pendulum and have given up on them because they could not get reproducible results with them. Some others are quite happy with them and show very reproducible results.... I belonged to the first group and really did not know why,... until I found out that I can very easily manipulate these techniques to get reproducible results.

To explain why many are getting quite reproducible results is easy: ....Obviously the practitioner is consciously or unconsciously making certain observations about the patient and therefore in his testing he should get reproducible results with regard to these observations.... this is the realm of causative effects.... the observation is the cause- the application speed of the point probe or the applied pressure in Kinesology  is the result. The device in this way works as a display instrument for the non-verbal perceptions of the practitioner.

But now it is getting interesting:..... are all the measurements you make that are not reproducible, nonsense or meaningless? In practice I could always see that whenever I was getting different results at a second testing I was either trying to hide this from the patient or I was explaining it away. In computerized testing this non-reproducibility of results becomes particularly obvious and because it feels so objectionable to our model of the world some companies may tell you, you should test only once every 48 hours. As explanation they may say.... you would otherwise either get an overdose of scalar waves or overtax you bodies response capacity....which is simply nonsense.

In fact this is a good example of  how a model enslaves our thinking and judgment. ...Even of the most simple of all things, atomic particles, we know that there is no 100% certainty of what you will measure at any given moment.... now in a billion times more complex thing like a human organism we somehow expect that any sensible measuring instrument could give us reproducible results.... how illogical ! 

In the CoRe-Model there is no need to hide those non-reproducible results, as it includes the realm of coincidences which are considered meaningful. As was said previously there are certain rules how to facilitate a greater amount of synchronicities. One is to bring the measuring device in a labile state while guarding it from causative forces. Particularly in Radionics and Radiasthesia many technical ways have been developed how to do that. In this way the device does not merely serve as a display element but as a true receptor or measuring instrument.

Naturally it would be easier if things would be reproducible but simply (even unconsciously) to manipulate them so that the results are reproducible or to avoid those methods all together is no option. I suggest that deep down  most people equate non-reproducible with meaningless.... But if we look at our daily life what we do, what we say, whom we meet, what life situations we will encounter, ......all this is quite unpredictable and non-reproducible but is it therefore meaningless.... obviously not. 

What I found was that bioenergetic testing results are usually not reproducible, if we do not manipulate them to be so.... however they are statistical in nature which means, usually some remedies will test more frequently positive than others. But in order to see those statistical pattern to emerge we have to do several if not very many tests.... how this is done in the CoRe-System is a more technical question and I will write about it only if some interest is expressed.

To summarize:.... my experience has shown that we should allow for non-reproducibility in whatever testing method we use,.... if not, we simply measure our own believe in reproducibility and might miss the point, just as we have to listen to several words before we can attempt to make sense of  them.... The CoRe-Model brings this experience in a context that makes it understandable.




Hello L., Jason, JJ, Group
thank you for your constructive comments and questions
Dear L. if I understand you correctly you have made experiments with the QXCI where you measured the blood pressure before and after making a test and you have seen reproducibly an increase of blood pressure and feel that this would be an example that my statement "bioenergetic measurements" should be found generally to be non-reproducible (if they are not manipulated to be otherwise) as not correlating with experience.
What I was discussing were all the effects in bioenergetic measurements which belong to what I call the Synchronistic realm of phenomena, naturally those phenomena are usually heavily covered up with causalistic phenomena. In this case for example you have to know that the QXCI comprises two parts, one is the Radionic part, the other is an electric signal like in Rife and TENS devices. It is clear that if you apply an electric signal to a body you will get reproducible results, as these effects clearly belong to the causalistic realm.... just like if you would connect a simple Zapper this will  reproducibly  stimulate your nervous system and raise your blood pressure. On the other hand if you would try to do the same experiment in Radionic/Subspace Mode, that means without the harness, I can guarantee you, you won't find such reproducibility, because now you are working exclusively in the Synchronistic realm.
I believe to hear in your post  that you as most people believe that non-reproducibility = not-meaningful.... this is what we learn at school.  What I try to point out is that in bioenergetic medicine we have not yet come to terms with the fact that measurements of complex organisms have a large component that is non- reproducible in the sense that each measurement is not necessarily the same as the previous one. Obviously there are many measurements you can make that are very reproducible, but I do not want to focus on these, they are well studied and documented and belong in the CoRe-Model to the causative realm.
It is my aim to shift our focus to those effects that belong to the Synchronistic realm, because we have been trained to overlook them and actually consider them spurious or disturbing.  Synchronistic effects are reproducible, but in a statistical sense, usually not two sequential measurements will be the same, but if you take many measurements the overall pattern that emerges is reproducible..... and these are the pattern which usually pass by unnoticed.
You say quite correctly that usually in order to get more reproducible results one needs to add "more constraints" to the experiment..... this is the way we have learned to blank out synchronistic effects.  The same happens in our every day way of perception, we put so many constraints in front of us, in  form of  life-aims and models of the world, modes of thinking a.s.o.  that uncounted Coincidences pass by unnoticed..... its useful in many ways but its not complete. On the other hand there are many psychological ways to get more into the realm of Synchronistic experiences,.... my aim is to point out ways how we can do this in bioenergetic Medicine.
This leads me to JJ' s question about how the Computerized CoRe-system is translating this understanding in a functioning application.  Those radionic systems who disclose their working principles  all say that they are using a Random Number Generator to select the remedies and this works already astonishingly well that is why I also have this as an option for Evaluation.

However Randomness is actually a Science (see A new kind of Science), in short form there is basically no way of creating perfect Randomness which would not allow for pattern to be found, therefore even the concept of Randomness is an Abstraction that does not satisfy 100% of experience. If we mathematically can find this tiny bit of non-random behavior we have kind of the Rosetta stone for a CORElation.

The difference is that you cannot detect words but if your program detects a greater number of coinciding pattern while you analyze  Patient A and Remedy X this is considered as indicating  some  kind of connection between the two (I call it a Micro-Coincidence). You can do that also to some degree without a computer by for example holding a certain question in your mind and then at the same time looking at a random pattern... the answer might spontaneously come to you..... as  your mind extracts certain aspects of this pattern which graphically or otherwise supply the answer to your question.... try it!

The 4 different Evaluation Modes are successively  more reproducible and if I would adhere to the old way of looking at things I would immediately say the most stable one (Statistical Pattern Evaluation) is the best, but I have shown you that in the CoRe-Model reproducibility is not the key quality indicator, as it actually really indicates you are working in the causalistic realm, which may be quite useful but neither complete nor always appropriate. 

My understanding is that illness starts in the synchronistic realm (just like healing), it first appears in flashes at quite unpredictable intervals then over time symptoms become more regular and predictable at which point many causalistic effects (high blood pressure and so on are superimposed) then it is already very difficult to reverse the case.

This leads me to Jason's question "why many measurements are necessary"? First because in reality every complex organism has a complex way to respond, if our measurements are sensitive enough to catch the finer differences and second because we want to catch first signs of illness when they are not yet solidly established but only pop up once and a while.

Also Jason you had this nice quote  about "you can never step in the same river twice", this is a good description of what I call the Synchronistic aspect  of experience,  many people carry this quote on their lips, but how many live by its meaning and incorporate it in their practice?.... Probably not many because its hard to see how to apply this principle practically.... I know the CoRe-Model can point the way.

And one more word to L...... you mention heart rate as an reproducible indicator. Now this is a good example for how science has missed out on some very important issue because of working only in the realm of reproducible results. Measuring the heart rate as an indicator for the state of health has been around for hundreds of years, quite successfully and most thought this was the end of the story.

However not long ago  came a group of people who dared to look a the heart rate more closely and they found that on a micro-scale there is actually quite some Variability in the rate, it in fact it  oscillates around a mean frequency in a statistical fashion. Those people then went on and developed a device which allows to observe this effect and they call it Heart Rate Variability (HRV)  monitor ( . Now the interesting thing they found out is that the greater the variability the more healthy the person, and  also that connecting the person with the right remedy instantaneously increases the Variability of the heart rate.

The existence of this kind of variability would have been predicted by the CoRe-Model, just as much as it predicts it in every other organ, mind or emotional function.... its really very practical, it will allow new discoveries and will bring many misrepresented artifacts in bioenergetic medicine together in a unified picture and its practical for your personal life....just think about it.




Hello L.

thank you for given my post so much consideration

First of all you have a more than average amount of knowledge, so please do not feel insulted if I assumed that you possibly did not know something I pointed out. I am trying to develop ideas in a way that I hope everyone can see more connections and that's why for some this seems to long because they expect everyone has the same background information.

And even if you know a lot about Heart Rate Variability (HRV), did you know that it is a great way to test instantaneously the effect of remedies? Did you know there existed devices to do that? Isn't it interesting that the extend of the Variability is a great indicator for the health status of a person?

Apart from that it was not my intend to introduce you or anyone to HRV but to give it as an example for one of the main CoRe-Principles that everything you can measure about a complex organism will be found to be non-reproducible in the sense that it has always a statistical bandwidth of Variability if we do not blank it out by our experimental setup or theoretical model.

Apart from that I am quite sure many effects in physics and medicine have been already observed and published in some obscure journal somewhere by someone, but the point is these findings never become mainstream if it does not fit in the current model of thinking. HRV is just one example but I could predict many other likewise phenomena.... for example did you know that the field of vision shows the same variability and for example Dr. Klinghardt uses it to test remedies and indicate the health status (again I certainly believe that J. has read about it in some journal, but isn't it interesting to state this here anyway?). The discovery of variability in muscle tonus gave birth to Kinesology and see how people make a living now on such a simple insight, likewise with CoRe I can predict that speech pitch and volume will show equal subtle variability and maybe soon you will see someone starting "Sonology" based on that and, and, and .... that's the power of a model.... and that's what really interests me rather than following up with some Specialists.

And again "just by coincidence" someone send me the follow quote this morning:

"Motions and changes are continually renewing the world, just as the
uninterrupted course of time is always renewing the infinite duration of
ages".        Marcus Aurelius (roman emperor and an amazing person... read his "Meditations")





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