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The following is a posts on the EnergeticMedicine Group at by  Kiran Schmidt on the influence of Randomness in bioenergetic testing Methods.

Dear G., Harry and John, and Group

thank you so much for your positive input and questions, which I would say particularly center on the question of Randomness... so I will start with this.

For many it might come quite as a surprise to hear that the problem of randomness has anything to do with bioenergetic Medicine.... but you will see it is a central point, at least for all those aspects of bioenergetic medicine which have to do with information recognition or transmission.

I believe the original idea came from people who first studied oracles like the I Ching in the West like Jung and Pauli but also among Christians it is an century old custom to open the Bible at Random and they would find that very frequently what their eye  would fall upon ....would be very much related to something in their life.

When I first had the thought that there might be "just" a coincidental connection between many bioenergetic measuring results and the patient .....I have had no exposure to any of those "divination" techniques, because I am really an analytical type and anything that I cannot approach in a systematic manner had no appeal to me. In my mind I would always make the equation Random = unlawful = unconnected = meaningless ....which I had to find out is not the only way to see it.

When I had the idea that these phenomena maybe Coincidences I got myself all the books on this subject and there are three which I can particularly recommend

  • (1)Synchronicity, the bridge between Matter and Mind by David Peat
  • (2)The Roots of Coincidence by Arthur Koestler
  • (3)Synchronicity, through the eyes of science, myth and the trickster by Allan Combs 

There I learned that Synchronicity is not only a subject for superstition and daydreaming but got  quite a few people thinking. In one of the books it narrates how Einstein and Jung several times discussed this issue however without coming to a consensus but Einstein saying about it "Its a serious problem".  Eventually however  Jung together with Wolfgang Pauli (one of the founders of Quantum theory) proposed that the idea of Causality in conventional science has to be balanced with a polar opposite which they called Synchronicity. 

Causality is an effect of experiencing the world through the concept of time and space, these two concepts connect in our mind many phenomena in a very harmonious way and we call them cause and effect. However there is the other way of seeing certain connections which maybe do not stand in a cause-and-effect relationship but can be studied and classified in another way which I call "Similarity". (for those who are interested, I will describe a more rigorous mathematical description of this Similarity-Space very soon on my site)

It is important to understand that  these two concepts are neither mutually exclusive nor could one alone be complete, they are truly complementary.

Many people would swear for the power of oracles, and thus  computerized radionic systems were developed that simply pick items from a databank with the help of a random event generator (REG). Technically that is done by ranking those items highest which have come up in many REG runs most frequently, they then are highlighted and rated as 1,2,3 standard deviations from the expected mean.

But is there anything in it that can be proven systematically? ..... and this is were the work of Brenda Dunne and Robert Jahn come in. Two researchers at Princeton University which describe their work in "Margins of Reality". What they found was that the presence  (I do not say intent here for good reason) of a test person would be coincidental (I do not say "change")  with a reproducible and personalized unexplainable deviation of a REG from statistical expectation.

Now in a typical cause-and-effect set of mind they would look for all kind of causes for this unbelievable fact,  and one was that they tried various methods of producing those random numbers.

When I was struggling with these questions, I was just visiting my parents in Munich and did make an appointment with Peter von Buengner who is the owner of m-tec ( the producer of the most well known Radionic and computerized Kinesology systems in Germany. When we talked about Radionics, and he is not a physicist, he told me that he has gone to great length to get for his system exactly the white noise diode which Dunne was using for their experiments.

Now this was strange to me and indicated that he even had not read thoroughly the book he was basing his technology on.  On page 121 it says "The results obtained using this device (a pseudo random source) are strikingly similar to those achieved with the random source (the white noise diode).... so why would he go through the extra trouble to incorporate something that makes no difference? Therefore, I would say to G. that in the  Dunne/Jahn model it was just one of the possible influencing factors which was found to be negligible and not a core element. (see technicalities in the Appendix 1)

Now again in a nutshell (more elaborate on my site very soon) my interpretation and model which would describe these phenomena is as follows. There are generally speaking two areas in our life and in every realm of science as well. In one causative forces and laws predominate in the other apparent unpredictability. The first are governed by the known laws like that of "The preservation of momentum" the other by the laws of Synchronicity (to be elaborated later). To make this graphical take most activities in your life and you will see that not only  most is governed by inertia, and that it is pretty much predictable but that also most of our impulses try to maintain this sense of determination and security,,,, this applies to our thinking and emotional life just like to our instinctual life..... this is the realm in which we are governed by the laws of cause and effect.

The other is the realm in which we are at a "tipping point", mentally this would mean for example an inner state where for some reason or other (P.D. Ouspensky calls this a shock) our mind or habitual emotions have come to a sudden halt and it becomes unpredictable in which direction they will move next. These are the states which mechanically we try to avoid as much as possible, but this is the state in which we are governed by the "Laws of Synchronicity". 

Now as a practical application of this model we can easily understand the kind of mental state which is best for  any kind of bioenergetic testing: "one where we are as empty as possible, with the least amount of projections, expectations, deviations, associations, imaginations a.s.o.) Not even an intend to know or to help or find out,.... as  this would all be part of the predictable realm of the mind. This is also why a successful tester easily feels quite exhausted at the end of the day, not because evil spirits enter his being but simply because holding such a state of mind for any extended period is very difficult.

Now on a technical level we can expect any particular moment particularly be governed by the "Laws of Synchronicity" when the system is in a very labile state and protected from as many causative forces as possible. To me a Random Event Generator, a pendulum, a tensor, a EDS point probe are just such instruments which fill these requirements. 

To summarize: To describe what we observe, we have to assume two complementary realms both  having their particular laws. Established science so far has almost exclusively focused on the one in which it had to eliminate any apparently random effects either by theory, experimental setup or both.  To study the other realm we have to develop and have already developed techniques to CORElate the Coincidences we  gathered under "tipping-point" conditions. (see some technical notes on the realization of this in the CoRe-System in Appendix 2)

so much for now, I hope I have time in the afternoon to write something about Garnet's second question with respect to the "encoding process" in the CoRe

greetings Kiran

Appendix 1

A "real" REG is one which has no traceable periodicity, a Pseudo-REG which is used in most software (not so however in Mathematica) is totally determined, that means there exists a formula with which I can calculate the n-th element of this process. However even Visual basics allows via a randomize statement to get the seed for the process from the system time. This is all very simplified here, for more details see "A new kind of science".  Also remember this aspect has been proven not to be an essential point for the study of synchronicity.

Appendix 2 (towards Harry's and John Kelsey's question)

How does the "Statistical Pattern Recognition" in the CoRe work. Again here in a nutshell: as I said all systems known to me apparently simply count Zero's and One's to determine the degree of deviation from the mean. What all I believe have missed is that besides a purely quantitative analysis it is also possible to do a qualitative analysis of the REG.... why for example not analyze how many 0101 Pattern you find in the string of events a.s.o. The theory again is in "A new kind of Science"  for example page 326 where Wolfram writes: "but scattered around the scientific literature - in various corners of physics, chemistry, biology and elsewhere - I have managed to find as least some cases where multiple runs of the same carefully controlled experiment are reported, and in which there are clear hints of repeatability even in a behavior that looks quite random".


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