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This is from a posting to the Energetic Medicine Newsgroup on Yahoo-Groups:

L.I.F.E. an uncreative clone of QXCI/ SCIO ?

The famous ass-cilloscope.... a little humor on the side

Some not so funny stuff.... communication with the Life System "Research" Coordinator

Hello C. and  F.
when I first saw the L.I.F.E. System I was astonished just as F., that they did not even mind to select a different style of box then the QXCI..... there are thousands of different and often better looking housings to choose from.... I can only think that this shows either impudence or at best a lack of creativity.
When starting the program it has the same blurred new age background pictures but now it is the Eagle not the Butterfly which symbolizes the new breakthrough. The EMR protection is there, just as the Prayer program  and the Risk profile (now called Susceptibility). But again it boggles my mind why the SOC panel was almost copied verbatim from the QX ..... by heavens sake there are certainly hundreds more factors of Suppressions and Obstructions to Cure than the 20 or so which Bill jotted down many years ago.... but now at last it is not called SOC anymore but Lifestyle Profile.
The groups are split up right from the beginning and one does not have the choice anymore to scan the whole database with one click..... if this is an advantage I do not know but it certainly will not make the fact that each scan will bring a totally different result so obvious.  The well know Trivector, "%Rectified" and "%Complete" are there on each panel...... but again there is a novelty now,,,,, rather than choosing between "Harness or Subspace" in the QXCI, one can now select "Harness or Metaspace" in the L.I.F.E.
Yes, and also the well known 8 LED are on the front of the Box, but here I have to disagree with F. a little bit.
The fact that if you connect an old QXCI box to the L.I.F.E  software the LED will light up does not say anything, in fact they will light up with any other program whatsoever, if this program is accessing the parallel port. The LED are just indicating the status of the eight data lines of the parallel port.... they do not show you anything about the proper working of the box but only that if it is connected to an active port.
In fact if anyone like me has the courage to disobey Bill Nelsons threat that anyone who opens the box might have to expect serious karmic repercussions, they will indeed find that there is not much sensible stuff inside the box, mine had for example IC (Integrated Circuit) sockets stacked 6 high, with out any IC on top, maybe because they were just on sale.
Yes, and regarding testing the QX with an Oscilloscope...... please make the following experiment as I did: Put a certain frequency into the Rife Panel and then see what you see on  the Oscilloscope...... nothing even remotely similar to that frequency. When asking Bill Nelson on this point he said "I just did not have had time to give attention to this detail."
Anyhow my question is more why do we need to make this HIGH-TECH Hocus-Pocus in the first place...... and I think the answer is easy..... to satisfy the general believe in the all mighty technology of our age.  Why do we have to feed this contemporary superstition by making falls claims, uncreative copying and inventing ever you words like Subspace or Metaspace without any meaning or theoretical backbone?
This will only increase the fascination, dependence and blind faith in the power of instruments...... with the CoRe model I am at least trying to develop a model which will integrate our experience that apparently random events can have profound meaning, no matter if they are created with a point probe, a QXCI , L.I.F.E ... in a cloud formation or anywhere out in life.
These new methods have shown the value of random events (and that's what they are all based on "Random Event Generators"), to many people. That what contemporary science has dismissed and tries to avoid by all means "Unpredictable Influences", is starting to claim its own and complementary domain and is becoming useful. But we have to call it by its own name and not pretend we are doing old style hard core physics and measuring well known quantities.
If we do, those who have the slightest technical understanding of what is actually going on will treat us as frauds or at best consider us  naive believers and those without technical training will go into a desperate dependence on the all-knowing- machine...... just like the QXCI user in Berlin who called me over one day, desperate because the daily sessions with the machine would each time give him different results, indicate new risks and possible illnesses and make him buy ever more  indicated remedies........ totally confused about his real situation, he died a few month later....... all my advice that he should treat analysis results as Coincidences and not as hard Measuring Results were to no avail.
hope you take this in the right spirit

The famous ass-cilloscope.... a little humor on the side


Sent: Friday, February 20, 2004 10:23 AM

Subject: Re: [EnergeticMedicine] L.I.F.E. System

I was a QXCI practioner for 7 years but last year I was introduced to the LIFE system which I researched and felt that it was a better device.  I  have found it to be far superior to the QX. We are seeing a quick turn around with the clients and the clients are seeing the difference, too. A chiropracter has an assilascope and he tested the frequency input and output and says the LIFE system is right on.

I am also a broker and trainer for the LIFE system. If you have any other questions or would like more information, please contact me at ....

C. P.


Kiran's Reply:

Hello C., Group

from the way you write, its obvious you are not a technical person

so please do not take this personal .... but I also would recommend

not to get technical in your replies ..... it will hurt your company

You said "A chiropracter has an assilascope and he tested the frequency input and output and says the LIFE system is right on."

Now to me the only input the L.I.F.E. or any other biofeedback device can have is the patient.... there is no other input

you could measure with an assiloscope.... I guess you mean an oscilloscope

I wonder when this pseudo science involving oscilloscopes and electro quantum dynamics in relation to these devices will stop?

 Just take a little common sense.... for example one of the things the L.I.F.E. supposedly measures is the "conflict potential with the mother-in-law" (no joke)

 Now how do think the signal that carries this message will look on an oscilloscope?

 And then how would the fitting output which your chiropractor did apparently measure with his assiloscope

could possibly look like?

 But for your chiropractor it was soo simple..... right on.


Please let someone with some technical background explain this to us or keep silent as Bill Nelson does.

 And certainly you are not alone in this ....QXCI, can tell their customers that the device is in constant

communication with the patient, but in fact the device will not even recognize if a patient is on the

harness or not..... that's how gullible  most people are.... in fact fooling people sells?


Again this kind of reasoning reminds me of the superstition of the middle ages only the symbols have changed.




Reply from a friendly group member:


Some not so funny stuff.... communication with the Life System "Research" Coordinator


I slept this over a few nights but thoughts about this subject came back so here
is what I think about your last reply.

Yes, I have not seen the LIFE in working condition, I have only seen your
Demo-CD which is really only a Demo of your many New Age background pictures and three
dots red, blue and yellow (do these colors remind someone about something?) light up
at always the same remedies or entries on each given screen (yes I know it is only a demo,
but what kind of demo is that?)

So you apparently have as you say run your connectivity LED also through the
harness, something every 20 dollar Ohm meter will provide, but what the QXCI did not even
bother to do. Good for you, this will make the illusion (fraud to me) even more perfect that you are actually measuring something.

So what you are telling us, that you 12 or so mainly former marketing people of
QXCI (or is there any physicist among you ?) have found a way to transmit information "not
detectable with an oscilloscope..." something all of scientific world would love to see come true..... for how gullible do you take the readers of this list?

Even from the Demo-CD it is obvious to anyone with some familiarity with the
QXCI that many parts of the L.I.F.E. are verbatim copies from it, the SOC panel
of the QX is for example only renamed into Lifestyle. Things which could been
easily altered with a little creativity,... but apparently you had to focus all of that
on the really difficult issue as for example "how to transfer information that is not
detectable on an oscilloscope"

But this brings me to the point which feels most repulsive to me in your
post..... You obviously borrow (or steal) a lot from the QX but on top of that you twice
ask people to nose out Bill Nelsons "Credentials, or Stories of fame"
as you call it..... L. I ask you how ethical can people considered to be who associate with such kind of tactics?


Mike Slivinski's reply: (spelling left as in actual message.... sorry for that)

Hello All,
Kiran Below regarding nosing out Bills Credentials... the tactics is in
the question of ethics! OK, Thanks for reminding me, Third time I will
request people Google, Yahoo search Bill Credentials. Gee! While your
at it check out ours too!

I bring up this point because when those that lay claim to certain credentials
(that are false or unverifiable) in order to influence those that might be
interested in a paticular product or philosopy or point of view is highly in

What is unethical in this approach???

Now regarding Lifestyle profiles... I beleive many of these questions
are similar or exactly like some forms found in life / health insurance forms,
as well as some doctors and health prationers, Natural Pathic Doctors,
Chiropractors and Homeopathic case takers questioners. Sorry if I left anybody

Nobody / anybody has a monopoly on asking if someone smokes and how much a day
or certain eating / drinking habits. Environmental hazards
exposures or vaccines.... etc.

Regarding 12 former qxci marketing with Life systems... well I don't
rememeber where this was mentioned or suggeted in my replys to you...or in any
e-mails from anybody else... please for
my understanding... where was this talked about. And if this is true,
(maybe there are more???)... well I can only congradulate them on their
intellengent choice to represent an amazing energetic device to help
others with their wellness needs.

Regarding Demos.... it is prudent to not offer actual working demos,
for obvious reasons... but actually we will be offering a 5 day working
demo of another fine working program called the:
UEB Universal Energetic Balancing program. But that for another time
to discuss.

Regarding the Oscilloscope detecting information... well my background
is data communications... all the scope can show is various frequency
patterns and digital patterns... one needs sophisticated equipment to
detect or evaluate what is communicated using a datascope, frequency
counter... there are many ways to transfer intellegent information.
via phase, amplitude, frequency modulation... via electro magnetic
radiation, light, sound ... etc. But... who said we were using the
harness alone to communicate influencing balancing energies to the
body, mind and emotional aspects of the body. Enough said here.

I think I have cured some readers of their insomia... thank goodness
for the delete key. Stay tuned for more soaps.

Thanks again... for "thinking outloud"
Mike Slivinski
Life System Research Coordinator

PS did you or anybody do a Google search on Bill Nelsons Credentials, or Stories of fame???



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