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The following is a posts on the EnergeticMedicine Group at by  Kiran Schmidt on the influence of Intent in bioenergetic testing Methods and Radionics.

Dear Jim, and Group

you raised a few good points in your post, particularly that intent and confidence are the main ingredient in healing and that any kind of doubt cancels all the effects
I want to discuss how this fits into the CoRe model which I had tried to elaborate in the last two posts and how this also may raise some questions.
A theoretical model is a construct of the mind that pulls certain observations together in a graphical or mathematical context.  The real use of a model is not to satisfy the mind (however this is what it does for most minds) it is to imply or point to certain possible conclusions which are not included in the initial observations.
That "intent" is a major ingredient in any creative work including healing is a common understanding by now, thousand fold copied in all kind of self-help books and seminars..... but can we learn anything more about how "intent" works, or how it possibly is best manifested in one's mind and emotions?
And this is were a Model comes in.... and I would say no creative thinking can be done without it.
Now lets take for example the CoRe-model in which the world is divided into two realms, the world of causative effects and that of synchronistic phenomena. So the question would be:  Does "intent " belong to the one or to the other?..... Looking at my experience I would say there is possibly a  "causative-intent" and "synchronistic-intent".
Please note here that any implication by a model becomes only valid after these implications have been verified in the real world (many people forget this and just make implications and take them for facts).
Can we say there is a "causative-intent" that is used and useful in many forms of healing? Yes, certainly we can the intent of a patient or doctor to heal or not to heal has certainly dramatic results.
But now it is getting interesting: Do we have observations that something like "Synchronistic-intent" can be a powerful healing agent also?...... My experience is YES..... in fact we have seen many cases where people wanted to think themselves into "health" and did not move in their condition until they came to a crisis point ........according to "the laws of synchronicity" this is what I called the "tipping-point" where synchronistic effects are observed. In this case it manifests as a state of mind in which one is facing the virtual unpredictable nature of this moment.... and this is maybe sometimes a requirement for total recovery which is missing. (In this regard the above model would suggest that an attitude like "All intent is fulfilled" which you state as  a "rule" can be in fact an obstacle for recovery under certain circumstances .... however this is not an intuitive conclusion and has to be verified by experience)
Again, we have to verify this particularly for our-self, but what you might have seen here is the power of a model and its always positive and creative if you use it with the right "intent" and for me any spectacular new model is always first visualized in the right brain, the birth giving side, the feminine side, the none- analytical side BUT (and this again many people don't want to see) it has to be verified, shaped and adapted
by our left brain to be useful and not just a helpless baby.
But let's see if we can extract some more unexpected implications from this model :
Certain observations indicate to me that our right brain is more able to see, understand and work with the realm of synchronistic phenomena (often when these are analyzed by the left you get faulty conclusions)... In fact I think the best would be a constant synchronistic work between the two, but unfortunately for most people this is a rare event, you can recognize it usually  when you have a sensation of "AHA", or "Now I got it"....quite common in kids but more and more rare as people get older.
There is a very good new book I can recommend (however much the author is almost exclusively an analytical type) which is:
  • Sync, the emerging science of spontaneous order.  by Steven Strogatz
In this book Strogatz describes an EEG experiment in which is shown that in moments where test persons recognize for example a picture which is slowly forming out of a nebulous soup on the screen, neurons start to fire in a synchronistic  way.
Taken this in account we may find that there is a phenomena which is observable where people have an over amount of "causative-intent" or "causative-confidence".... for example you also might have come across in other people or even better in yourself the effect that you  get so over-confident in the healing power of your "intent" or whatever else it may be that it blinds you for many options which you might could have chosen, that would have been more beneficial for the patient...... again something that can be pointed out and thus be recognized and then possibly be avoided if you have a model to help you think.
Same is naturally true for all technical applications, they could never have been made into what they are without a working model..... for example with the above model you could easily find ways to improve your cardboard device if you still feel that you haven't yet found perfection


The most I can hope for is that you get the idea that for me  the gadget-aspect of CoRe or "What's the definition of energy" is really secondary to giving you an idea of how much it can enhance our way of understanding and perception if we incorporate some CoRe principles...


Hello Group
I have to tell this Coincidence which happened just a few minutes ago:
Right after sending my last post I turned on "National Public Radio"
and there was a highly enjoyable interview with Henry Pollack
the author of the book: "Uncertain Science...Uncertain World"
This is another indication that there is general interest now started in "Uncertainty"
which can  become be very fruitful, if more deeply pondered about.
As I have said in my last post, the moments of "uncertainty" are in the Core-Model
really a part of that  realm in which the "Laws of Synchronicity" rule.
My experience is that,... it is not that Coincidences are rare, it is that we are mostly in
a mind set or operational mode in which we cannot see them.
From this point of view, on a global  (and personal) scale "Uncertainty" is the inevitable ingredient to make creative changes possible.... they are not a by-product which could or should be avoided.
One of the reviews on had this to say about the book:
One of the hardest things to teach to 9th-graders is that uncertainty in science, rather than being a bad thing ["Are you trying to tell us that everything science says will be proven wrong!?!"], is one of the things that makes modern science thrive. Most adults don't get the uncertainty thing either; otherwise, more nicotine addicts might've realized that when the tobacco companies used the fact that scientists couldn't prove that cigarettes cause cancer at a 100% certainty level as a reason to assure them that they could continue to smoke without worry, that those companies were misusing the methods of modern science as a smoke screen. Henry Pollack tries to bring a deeper understanding of scientific uncertainty to the masses with his book Uncertain Science...Uncertain World.
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