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The following is a posts on the EnergeticMedicine Group at by  Kiran Schmidt on the influence of Coincidence Frequency in bioenergetic testing Methods and Radionics.

Hello A., G. and Group
As I started out at the very beginning,..... the CoRe-Model includes two realms, that of causative explanations or phenomena and that of synchronistic ones, both are truly complementary and are rarely found in pure forms.
Most of science uses methodologies, explanatory strategies, and thinking forms adapted to the causative realm,.... the ordering parameters in this realm are time, space, quantity a.s.o.
The laws science can thus establish are invariably linked to this underlying model which in one way or another all stem from the Cartesian division of the world.
In bioenergetic Medicine and in all of ESP we are confronted with undeniable facts which are not understandable with the given preconception (of causation) in current science because they belong to the synchronistic realm in the CoRe-Model.
Some people try to circumvent the obvious explanatory difficulties by inventing new kind of waves, spaces, vortexes, subtle energies, interventions of  Consciousness or Subconscious.... and what not, much to the justified objection of science.
The complementary nature of these realms are not my idea but originate from Jung, Pauli and Einstein, but I think I have extended much on these thoughts and made it applicable in the CoRe-System.
Now, did I want to say that the test person is actually choosing the right time to select the appropriate string of random numbers when I said "Timing and not mental power is the connection", NO! I did not.... this was your immediate assumption based on your habit of thinking in terms of "Causation".
Just as little  as there is any need for scalar waves or mental power to explain these observed effects in the synchronistic realm, there is no need to assume any intend or knowledge of the test person to press the button just at the exact time .... it is just a Synchronicity (that means its not caused by anything ).
But now you also have to know that I assume that the frequency of Coincidences are not meaningless but show something about the underlying connection of two things...... in this case it is the person and the REG..... you get it?
The CoRe-Model comprises both realms and I know that limiting oneself to either one of them will make it impossible to understand many phenomena.
The realm in which we appropriately feel and think us as the "one who is creating, effecting and doing" is the causative, but there are ways to get more in touch with the synchronistic realm and here it is where we experience how and to what degree things are connected apart from causation.
This is also why I know it is not essential if we use a pseudo or noise random source for testing as I do not think like you that these effects belong to the causative realm. If you have only the one mode of thinking I can very well understand that your only conclusion must be as you write: "leaves us the conclusion that subtle forces have a much greater effect in the latter (noise r.) case than the former (pseudo r.)"  .
The CoRe-System or any other radionic system is not an Oracle in the sense that it would predict something in the future but a way to test the degree of Connection between two things,,,, the patient and the remedy for example.... by means of frequency of Coincidences.
You said quite well that the additional experiments of the PEAR program where intent and experiment were separated in time and showed the same results  "it does raise more questions than it answers ", but this is only in your mode of thinking, not so however if you learn to apply the rules of the synchronistic realm.
And indeed I believe in the Matrix, but not in the Matrix of Hollywood, where all causative forces are pre-programmed, but in the Matrix of Life in which the degree of Connectedness of things is actualized and in fact I have chosen the "Tree of Life" on the Label for the CoRe-System CD to symbolize that.
Warning! None, of the above or anything on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, on the contrary Radionics is not considered a viable form of treatment in the USA. The CoRe-System is only intended for Export or for personal experimental use in the US. There are no claims made, if the words "cure", "treat", "diagnose" are used anywhere on this site or in the software it shall always be understood that his is meant in the context of "personal experimental use" only. For more details click here