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    Advantages of the CoRe System
New concept   From one point of view the CoRe is an extension of existing Computerized Radionic systems but from another it is rooted in very different concepts - the CoRe-Model

Having a theoretical foundation for the working mechanism allowed the mathematical treatment of the analysis problem to be based on understandable principles.

Reproducibility   The most frequent objection to Computerized Radionic systems is that their results look like random and are not reproducible from one evaluation to the next.

As discussed in the section on CoRe-Principles,  it is really a wrong assumption that every response of a complex system should identically match the previous one, but this  reality is much more closely modeled by a statistical response pattern with varying bandwidth.

The CoRe-system  CoRespondingly  is using several different avenues to extract meaning out of apparently random artifacts, it weighs those results and combines them in a single value.

Knowledge Base   One major aim in the design of CoRe was to make the available knowledge about diseases and possible remedies as much part of the selection process as possible.... in a way to attempt a close fusion of conscious and coincidental selection mechanisms.

In other systems you press a button and the choices are made from the totality of the database without giving preference to certain possible remedies which may have proven useful for centuries in the given condition and thus not making use of the enormous knowledge base of human experience.

In CoRe you can limit the search to remedies which have a relationship to the given disease or part of the body. Thus CoRe has in addition to its radionic functions a knowledge base which far surpasses most of what you can find as conventional remedy-finder programs.

Target Options   What disturbed me most when using other systems was the fact that when doing an evaluation, you would put in only the name of the patient or at best a word for his illness..... then it would give you a long list of causes and remedies....? This seemed to assume that there is always only one kind of conflict going on in a person at a time.

In fact all systems I know have no way for the operator to input his observations about the patient or to target the investigation into a specific direction..... it is up to the practitioner at the end if he wants to see the specified remedies as useful for e.g. the hang-over from the night before or the marital problems of the client.

CoRe offers and requires the user to enter up to six symptoms and/or filters which  target the analysis or treatment and are not only tokens but the mathematical analysis actively uses this information and the results depend on them.

Choice of Evaluation Modes   Also the possible meaning or relationship of the results are totally left usually to the discretion of the user.... it is totally open if the listed items would help him as a person in general, if  they would heal his symptoms or are actually the cause of his symptoms.

The CoRe-System on the other hand allows to choose between four evaluation modes, 1.Constitiutional (Strengthening), 2.Combinational (Balancing), 3.Homeopathic (Support), 4.Inversion (Neutralizing) which are in more detail explained in the manual.

This takes some guess work out of the equation but still leaves enough space for  use of the practitioners experience and training in the interpretation of the results.

Group structure of the database   The database is structured and not just as long list of items. To make  this possible has cost a lot of work to compile, but now gives the user limitless options to target his investigation to certain forms of remedies, like Homeopathic only or Flower Essence only or Bodywork only or make any number of combination and still  with one click only  to search it all.

Each search is individually documented and the results can be compared with others. This makes it possible to emulate our human process of investigation by which we arrive at a conclusion as to the cause of something.... the system lets you look at the condition through the filter of different remedy groups and thus form a multi dimensional picture in your mind.

Size of database   In a way the size of database is the least important but with more than 20000 remedies it is larger than what most others have to offer.... and it sill being expanded in many unique ways.

The database only contains relevant items, nothing too exotic as that it could  not be useful for the understanding of the case.

Easy Reference   The database of CoRe is cross-referenced to  the "Natural Medicine Comprehensive Database" an invaluable Reference work which gives on over 2000 pages invaluable details on most items and allows also to cross reference items with thousands of readily available brand name supplements and medicines.

This means no more headache about where a given item actually comes from, or did you know that "Madagascar Periwinkel" is actually Myrtle or that "Maca" is the same like Peruvian Ginseng.... We like this work so much, which again is the largest of its kind, that we supply a copy with every Advanced CoRe-System plus a One-year-subscription to their online services.

Personal Remedy Tray   The CoRe is an open system it provides 80 Remedy Trays which can hold up to 250 items each... that means space for another 20000, if you feel the need for it.

 This allows you to customize individual groups from your own experience, to take items from the database which comes with the system or enter your own remedies or concepts.

Imprint Function   The Advanced CoRe allows you to imprint any Item in the Database onto a Substance which is put into the external remedy Tray. It also provides means to specify the potency. You can select the potency manually or have the system suggest you one.
AutoTreat Function   All significant treatment information can be put together in a separate Treatment File and Broadcasting can be done from that file at any time in the future just by selecting  patients and respective treatments form that list and starting the broadcast.
Ease of Use   The operation has been made as easy as 1,2,3.... I have no patience  for systems which make operation artificially difficult to give the impression of  complexity , have numberless dead ends or freeze every other time.

See the manual for more details, but basically all you have to do is 1.enter the patient information...2. select groups, evaluation and analysis mode and 3. press Analyze or Synchronize

Patient individualized File   Information is one form of Energy and we are only beginning to understand the energetic properties of information and how information energetically is influencing each other. "The patient  who died of an illness he did not have but was given accidentally the diagnosis of a different patient" is an extreme example of the power of information.

To make a cross-over of information as unlikely as possible CoRe allows you to start a complete new file for each patient or even for each new consultation instead of each patient just being a number in a patient database.

Price   CoRe Inergetix is the most reasonably priced system on the market, please contact us for details
Warning! None, of the above or anything on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, on the contrary Radionics is not considered a viable form of treatment in the USA. The CoRe-System is only intended for Export or for personal experimental use in the US. There are no claims made, if the words "cure", "treat", "diagnose" are used anywhere on this site or in the software it shall always be understood that his is meant in the context of "personal experimental use" only. For more details click here