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Useful new Concepts in Informational Medicine

The concept of Causality is also intimately linked with the concept of Space and Time, so much so that we generally assume that effects which come before the "cause" or effects which are instantaneous over large distances with something else, can have no causal relationship with it and we call them either paranormal, just coincidental or simply unrelated.

The CoRe-Model creates room for the systematic study of such phenomena in that it adds to the common Realm of  Time and Space dependent phenomena,  termed Causality-Space that of Time- and Space-invariant phenomena which I call Information or Coincident-Space.

We know that in Causality-Space phenomena and Objects are ordered via physical concepts like size, weight, charge, density, quantity, frequency a.s.o. In the following I will present several concepts which I found useful to quantify phenomena which are independent of Space and Time but come across any practitioner in medicine quite often:

1. From Homeopathy which is one form of  Informational Medicine, we know that the degree of Similarity between the remedy and the Symptoms determines the effectiveness of the remedy.  "Similarity" is one important dimension in Information-Space. This also explains the otherwise paranormal effects between people of the same family, nation or race and even symbolic representations of the same for example in "Family constellations according to Hellinger". To establish the degree of similarity between two things is a complex, multidimensional issue, what we call a quality, is in fact a multidimensional parameter. In physics we use matrix representation to perform such  comparisons, in alternative medicine we use archetypal concepts like that of the four alchemical humors, the five elements of TCM or yin and yang as tools tools to establish the degree of similarity of complex issues like the state of health of a person. We know from homeopathy that bringing a sick person in contact with something that has a high degree of similarity has a profound healing efffect.

2. The degree of Timelessness or singularity is a parameter in Information-Space. This at first makes no sense as in fact there is no Time in Coincidence space, however for lack of a new word and pure example I will use this term. We all have experiences of a sense of timelessness and of situations and events that create it. These are for example singularities in our life like shocks, accidents, death, joy, surprise, love..... these are often also times in which we experience a greater frequency of coincidences, unexpected help, inspiration, discoveries, understanding a.s.o. In moments of timelessness time either disappears or it is seen in its entirety like in near death experiences. Also for example in Homeopathy I have often observed that a perfect remedy not only takes away the symptoms, but also the Memory (that means the time component) of the illness. Likewise profound singularities like shocks are timeless, their effects do not diminish even over proportionately  long periods as we can witness almost every day in our practice with patients who had some traumatic experience years ago and still suffer as if it was just yesterday. Also particularly with modalities that have a high Information component like Homeopathy or Radionics we frequently observe instantaneous cures, which means something has happened outside the conventional timeframe, time-independent and illnesses that were dragging on for many years disappear after one dose or one treatment. Not that this is the rule, but what we observe here are examples of cures which are very much predominantly worked in Information-Space. Also Physics has no theoretical or mathematical tools to deal with Singularities or quasi-Singularities, which are effects which take no or almost no time, calculus does not work here and theoretical models break down at such events, because traditional physics is designed  in genral to deal with time and space dependent effects only (not considering impuls mechanics here). However in healing creating sense of timelessness or intentional mini-shocks like in Acupuncture, Impulse Therapy or many shamanic practices have invaluable curative potential and are understandable in this theoretical framework as moments were a component of Information Space is added.

3. The degree of  Indeterminacy  or Uncertainty is an essential ordering factor in Information Space. When I call something here a parameter, dimension, ordering factor  think of  these as the quantities in traditional Causality-Space,,,, we all for example know what it means to have more time or less time or more weight or less weight, we can almost see it and feel it, which means we have developed a sense of quantity towards these concepts.... in the same way we have to do this with regard to  these new and therefore unfamiliar concepts like "Similarity", "Timelessness" and "Uncertainty".... all can just as well be arranged on a scale, measured and be found "less" or "more". It is hard to imagine that many people on this planet still do not have a sense of "Time" or "Energy" in comparison, which means they do not experience it as a quantity. Likewise we have to develop a sense of Quantity for parameters of Information-Space to get a sense of its "Reality".... if something feels abstract to you, you just have not familiarized yourself enough with them. Familiarity with concepts develops in that we view our daily experiences through these concepts (and we cannot view anything without looking through some form of concept). As I have explained more in examples on my page named "Intent", the degree of Uncertainty is an important factor to assess and control in many healing modalities. This degree of Uncertainty is disguised in words like openness, flexibility, channeling, No-expectation, humility, mindset, egoless, aim, intent, focus.   We all know how much these things which all specify different degrees of "Uncertainty" determine the success of healing..... but so far rarely someone has viewed it in this larger context. In a very strict scientific sense  the recent PEAR studies confirm that, that the degree to which "Uncertainty" is eliminated from the experimental protocol,  paranormal (Information-Space Effects) disappear.

4. Meaningfulness or Non-physical connectedness is another coordinate in Information-Space which does not have any place in traditional Causality-Space. The degree to which something has meaning, the ways by which something gets meaning or the effects a greater or lesser degree of meaning has, are not studied systematically and/or physical or biological effects as an effect of the quantity of meaning in something are denied. However in the healing field we see every day that the degree a person can find meaning in his illness is a major ingredient in cure just as inversely the absence of meaning in a persons life is a major causative factor for becoming ill in the first place. Meaning in a larger context means how much something is connected on an informational level with other things, ideas, values. For that reason also a very complex and philosophical  connected system of healing like TCM will be more often truly effective than a very linear and fragmented system like contemporary medicine. Equally the more we can give meaning to isolated symptoms by connecting them in our mind and are able to convey the connections to our patient, (no matter which ideological framework we use,) usually the better the healing results. Equally the more we can pull otherwise unrelated concepts like "Meaningfulness", "Uncertainty", "Timelessness" together in a framework like the CoRe-Model the more they become familiar to us and get associated with quantity and direction the more they can actually create physical results. One aspect of radionics is just that --- to uncover all the hidden connections in the state of a patient,-- in fact this knowledge and understanding alone can have an immense curative effect. Compared to that contemporary medicine is often very one dimensional  "bacteria cause disease, antibiotics gets rid of them". Not that this is not correct but it is only a small fraction of a bigger picture, it is lacking in a greater degree of meaning and according  to what was said before, this alone already is a reason for its decreasing effectiveness. Meaning can be created even on a piece of paper by connecting  symptoms in a meaningful way and this alone without any energy involved will effect the patient.

5. Degree of coherence or cyclic complexity. Please don't be perplexed by these unfamiliar terms they will be filled with meaning by finding your personal examples. In Physics many effects are known which only come about if the involved phenomena have coherence, we call those effects generally Resonance. Simplified it is believed that for example two signals have to have a common frequency or integer multiples of each others to create resonance or harmonies in music. However the nature of Coherence is much broader, formulated in the most universal way one can say that two phenomena will be able to resonate, if they repeat cyclically the same pattern, no matter how complex this pattern might be. The spatial manifestation of such a resonance is a standing interference pattern which according to Biophoton research is for example the way for the body to allow for quasi-instantaneous communication. On a more mundane level we see that we can achieve healing if we establish a cyclic pattern in the patients way of living. The SCENAR is a energetic example for this principle, just by mirroring the energetic response of the patient, resonance, is achieved and thus healing. All biofeedback techniques rely on this principle, but even more surprisingly this same principle also works when the problem is primarily on the informational level only by abstract synchronization of patient data with curative information..... this is the essence of the CoRe-System and Radionics in general.

these are just a few new concepts which can be used even when we study phenomena which apparently do not depend on time or distance, like vibration or frequency do

hope this gives you some inspiration  and allow you to see a new field of energetic Medicine anfold that of Informational Medicine.

Warning! None, of the above or anything on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, on the contrary Radionics is not considered a viable form of treatment in the USA. The CoRe-System is only intended for Export or for personal experimental use in the US. There are no claims made, if the words "cure", "treat", "diagnose" are used anywhere on this site or in the software it shall always be understood that his is meant in the context of "personal experimental use" only. For more details click here