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     Kiran Schmidt
1962   Born in Germany
1984   First US and International Patent for the development of methods and devices  to analyze electromagnetic radiation (US patents 4822169  and  4671660)

This device was the first of its kind that could measure all polarization characteristics of light in real time. These devices costing about $50.000 each are now widely in use with companies like:  Alcatel • AT&T Bell Labs • DLR • Deutsche Telecom • MATRA Samsung • Deutsche Aerospace
Thomson • US Air Force • Sandia National Labs • 3M • Schott • Sharp • VLOC

1986   Founding of the Instrument Systems Corp. Munich

Instrument Systems now under the sole leadership of my former business partner Richard Distl has become one of the top companies to produce instrumentation for all kinds of light measurements

1988   Degree in Physics from the University Berlin
    Further inventions and developments:
  • First real time HPLC Polarimeter
  • Smallest real time Spectrometer
  • Wavelength tunable Lightsource
since 1990   Intensive research in Homeopathy and bioenergetic healing modalities,  private Natural Health practice
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