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This may concern only our customers in the USA

Radionics and the FDA  / Medical disclaimer

When asked by people how I got into bioenergetic Medicine and radionics in particular, as a trained Physicist  I tell them that I tried almost everything, Kinesiology, Electro dermal Screening EDS, Electro acupuncture according to Dr. Voll EAV, Bioresonace, Radionics, QXCI or using a Pendulum and Bio-tensor for testing Remedies. As a result of all that practical experience I had reached the very certainty that all that was based on randomness, coincidental results but also I had come away with the clear perception that much of the testing gave very meaningful results and treatments based on those had often very good effects.

Now as a physicist I was in a predicament which could be put in short like that

" It is a coincidence and it works"

So why does this create a difficulty for our mind?

It is a paradox because we associate "coincidental" usually with "meaningless", "unrelated" or "unpredictable. So the moment I understood that these associations with the word coincidental might just thoughtless assumptions, new vistas opened and I could define:

Results with all the above testing methods seem

1. ... "unrelated" because the matter we are studying is so complex, that we cannot see in all cases a connection.

2. ....."meaningless" only if we consider them in isolation and do not make the effort to see them in conjunction with the overall picture.

3....."unpredictable" if we expect non-statistical results, but if we use enough test-runs as our basis we get statistically predictable results, just like the insurance industry know how many accidents will happen every year.

All the above test methods use very finely balanced testing tools which have ideally an infinite number of degrees of freedom. On the  contrary physical measuring methods are set up in such a way that one has a maximum of constrains, which means one tries to exclude all unpredictable parameters as far as possible.

This approach works well for simple physical quantities like weight, blood pressure or heart rate. It will not work with anything that is more complex like for example body-mind interactions, systemic disorders, emotional states and so on.

Multidimensional system like living organisms will always only be testable via statistical methods and results will not be one-dimensional.... therefore we have no hope at this point that a system like the CoRe will get official approval by the FDA and have accordingly not taken any steps to get this system registered or approved.

It seem to be tolerated until now and no official notice has been send to us as to date and much will depend on the fact that all users never make any claims as to its effectiveness in diagnosing, curing or treating any medical condition.

This resistance on the side of official places to give this kind of modalities a specially regulated but official sanctified  place in the healing arena makes them half-illegal, existing in a kind of gray zone were no really broad research can develop and on the other hand many companies can make unjustified  claims about the working principles of their devices which are misleading and in fact endangering the possibility of an informed choice.

In most other countries particularly like the England and Germany, Radionics and related modalities have been accepted as useful adjuncts to other treatment forms and thus experiences a steady development and regulation which has been to the benefit of everyone involved.

Times may change, but for now it has to be stated clearly that the above modalities and the CoRe-System in particular cannot claim to Cure, Treat or Diagnose and that nothing on that site has been in any form evaluated by the FDA. If you find the word Cure, Treat, Diagnose or any synonym on this site or on the software please understand that this was only due to the lack of other words or to be used in those countries were regulations in this respect are not the way they are in the USA.

It will be to the best of the whole if each one involved is a honest about that as possible. Makes clear that this system does not use physical measurements in the traditional sense but is based on statistical evaluation of a sufficiently large number of random events.

This system is using an approach that is currently at the forefront of  scientific thinking (see PEAR and other pages) and is not yet ready for mainstream application.

I hope I was as honest about this subject as possible, if you have any questions about your health certainly contact your official health care provider first, but if you have any question about this system please contact me here

in the spirit of honesty and cooperation


Warning! None, of the above or anything on this site has been evaluated by the FDA, on the contrary Radionics is not considered a viable form of treatment in the USA. The CoRe-System is only intended for Export or for personal experimental use in the US. There are no claims made, if the words "cure", "treat", "diagnose" are used anywhere on this site or in the software it shall always be understood that his is meant in the context of "personal experimental use" only. For more details click here